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Fortask is Out of The Box task management tool for small teams

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What you can do with Fortask

Signup and manage tasks immediately. In no time you'll see the benefit of efficient collaboration by visualizing the overall progress to the whole team.

Task management made easy with Fortask

Most productive teams are almost like in a flow. The flow is easily interrupted or even disconnected with clumsy reporting and complicated tools.

That's why we created Fortask with easiness in mind. We wanted less tool and worked towards bare minimum to maximize productivity.

One-click Actions

Fortask's One-click actions like Drag ’n’ Drop are features that instead of concentrating on the tool makes sure we keep on working together.

Working together is about knowing what's going on. When all team members contribute towards same goal, Fortask is the tool for collaboration that makes the progress visible. This transparency creates trust among peers and eliminates the possibility of doing the same things twice.

Multi-dimensional filtering

Multiple projects, different topics, various categories and many people? Sometimes we want to clear up the view and concentrate on what's currently meaningful.

Fortask has a drop-down to filter tasks to a single user or category. You may also use free-text filter to easily find what you're looking for.

One click assigning

It's easy to forget how scarce the resources are. To prioritize, to concentrate we need tools to help us.

Fortask has the simplest way of dealing with task allocation. Our one-click assigning allow either self-oriented approach or for more control, let manager assign tasks to users.

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Fortask on the go

Responsive design let’s you use Fortask on any device. It scales down to fit perfectly on your iPad or use it with your smartphone on an even smaller screen.