Here’s what we do best

Rock'n Roll

View all tasks at a glance

Funky Groove

Just drag'n drop status changes


Drop a single line to add a task


Share a task with a click


Copy+paste sub task lists

Cut noise

Filters help focus

Here’s how we do it

We tuned the board already so you don't need to. Start now, the stage is set and ready to go! Fortask suites most task management needs out of the box. See for yourself some of the highlights!

Task management made easy with Fortask

One board to rule them all. It's visual, easy to use and at a glance you visualize who's working on what and where you are going.

Fortask's Board enables agile team work where people work together, focus on top priority issues and easily adapts to new assignments. Backlog improves transparency and makes sure there will be no communication brake down.

Drag ’n’ Drop to change task status

Don't you just HATE long forms and clumsy user inteface? We do too!

That's why we engineered an UI that allow perform common actions like status changes easily! When starting to work on a new task, simply drag and drop it to "In Progress" status and that's it - voilà!

Content filtering

Peak season. Every now and then something happens and things get cluttered. Like scrambled-messy-cluttered.

For occasions like these, Fortask has this neat feature called "Filter". It enables to temporarily clear up the view to find the task you're looking for. You may even use free-text to narrow down the list or use one of the preset filters.

One click assigning

"I was already working on it!"

Don't waste hours or days doing the same thing twice. With Fortask everybody knows who's working on what. This makes sure everyone works towards the same goal instead of working on the very same thing.

Simply point and click to assign who should complete the task.